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                  We have over 100 Christmas songs recorded by artists like 怎么样进入国外网站, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. This page is sponsored by several Sacramento area businesses who are helping keep the Christmas Spirit alive! Get on the Map Sacramento SEO,¬†Folsom Lake Asphalt, 手机浏览国外网站教程 and Sacramento Favorite.


                  Lets Start The New Year Right - Bing Crosby - Listen to MP3
                  Let's Start the New Year Right - Frank Sinatra - Listen to MP3


                  One minute to midnight
                  One minute to go
                  One minute to say good-bye
                  Before we say hello

                  Let's start the new year right
                  Twelve o'clock tonight
                  When they dim the light
                  Let's begin

                  Kissing the old year out
                  Kissing the new year in

                  Let's watch the old year die
                  With a fond good-bye
                  And our hopes as high
                  As a kite

                  How can our love go wrong if
                  We start the new year right?


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                  I'd Like You for Christmas - Lyrics, Video, MP3

                  I'd Like You for Christmas - Julie London - Listen to MP3
                  I'd Like You for Christmas - Emmaline - Listen to MP3
                  Listen to Me ;)


                  I'd like you for Christmas
                  Please make my wish come true
                  'Cuz I'd trim trees and deck the hallways
                  If I know you'd be mine for always

                  I won't be blue on Christmas
                  If old Saint Nick comes through
                  And he remembers that I'd like you for Christmas
                  New years, Easter, too


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